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Tor - "Glass and Stone"

Canadian born producer Tor was raised in a small mountain town in western Canada where he started dabbling in the art of production. Though, he polished and developed his skills and sound in Australia. He got his fame rolling when he produced Sufjan Steven's album Illinoize which had received overwhelming positive feedback. Currently, he is settled down back in America's ice cap and has been working on an album that he has been itching to complete for over a decade. "Glass and Stone" is his latest teaser track for his upcoming album Drum Therapy, which is out December 11, through the newly formed record label Loci Records. This record label is barely a month old, and is formed by the great Emancipator. The premise of this record label is to focus on the crossroads of electronica, downtempo, and trip hop.

You can already get the vibes of what "Glass and Stone" may sound like. "Glass and Stone" is a bone-chiller. It's an extremely down-to-earth tune with heavy Middle Eastern and Asian influence. The melancholic strings that begin the song sets that off, as worldly instruments enter and transports us into another country. The mood of the track is quite majestic when the vocals enter the fray, though you can't help but get this dark feeling in the latter half of the song. Stream below to get a glimpse of an album 10 years in the making.

Play: Tor - Glass and Stone

Tor - Drum Therapy


Downtempo · Trip-Hop


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