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A Sol Mechanic – "Skylab Gangsta"

At this point, experimental L.A. soundscapist A Sol Mechanic has frequented these whereabouts and needs little introduction. But in case you are just jumping into the fix, West Coast electronic producer, ASM (David Blazer) is one who likes to convey a small story or feeling through his captivating tunes. Unpredictability is one of his characteristics, as I personally have to keep guessing what his latest work will send like or what branch of music he will meander into next.

The anticipation of his next album release is immense, though lucky for us he has been ever so active in producing juicy tracks. One such song is "Skylab Gangsta". ASM reels it all back down to the nitty gritty, as he lays down the heavily hip-hop influenced beat with dashes of that experimental feel he is known to do. It's a relatively simple beat, but the simplest laced tracks are sometimes the ones that hit the hardest. You'll know when the bass and the snare slaps you. 

Keep on bumpin'.


Electronic · Experimental · Hip-Hop


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  • How can i download this beat ?

    Jon November 25, 2012 10:49 PM Reply

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