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Dumbfoundead - "New Chick" [Video]

Earlier today I stumbled upon Koreatown, Los Angeles native Dumbfoundead. The unique alias of this independent artist  caught my attention and I immediately got my Sherlock Holmes on trying to learn more about this new artist. I was surprised to find out he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then  smuggled into Mexico with his sister by his mom who was a South Korean refugee. This emcee has come a long way since then, climbing up the Los Angeles battle rap scene, frequenting Project Blowed, an open mic in Leimert Park, an area made popular by Dom Kennedy.

Dumbfoundead has been able to translate his battle rap popularity into a great online following and  has just released a video to his song "New Chick". He has a very casual flow over a calm instrumental that will have you unconsciously  tapping your feet. The song discusses issues he has with his current girlfriend and what he is looking for in a new girl. The video is very entertaining and had me laughing during some scenes. Watch the video below and support other projects from Dumbfounded.



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