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Aaron Lipsett - "Know This" [Free Download]

Everything's coming up MadTech lately. Kerri Chandler's label isn't resting after two roof-toppling releases from Krystal Klear and Ill Blu (more on that release later) - they're now launching their own sublabel for free downloads, and when it's MadTech you can trust that it's going to be fresh. The stated goal is to give new artists a chance for exposure and label support without normal budget/scheduling constraints, and it's certainly achieving that goal for Aaron Lipsett. The Irish newcomer reveals an emotive double whammy in the form of "Know This". It starts with a slow trickle of tearjerker pads and the always effective Cassie samples (ex.1: XXXY) but just as you're getting used to the calm Lipsett rolls out the storm. Thundering bass and that filleted loop of vocals make for a Dirtybirdish peak before the track recalls its first half, bringing the soothing vocals/pads back for a fond farewell. Fun and breezy, really neat track progression; essentially a twofer. Get excited for more new names and sounds in this series every few weeks; further proof that MadTech isn't fooling around.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/63541194"]

Bass · Dance · Electronic · House


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