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Tek.Lun - "Splash"

When I think of a producer who has very little boundary in what he does, TEK.LUN comes to mind. TEK.LUN, aka TEKDOT, is an electronic music producer who loves dabbling in multiple genres at once, including trap, trip hop, hip hop and house. He also raps once in a while under the alias Varth Dader. Today, we will be focusing more on his original beat production instead of his rapping game or remixes. His latest track, "Splash", is the first single off of his upcoming album Resolve which is to be released sometime this year.

"Splash" is one of those beat-oriented tracks that has a powerful replay value. The beginning seconds of the tune throw you into a medley of pulsating synths that you can't help but get drawn into immediately. If that wasn't enough, wet bass kicks, edgy snare slaps, and a sensual ambient effect soon join the fray to make for one helluva layered tune. Oddly enough, the ambient effect n the background has enough prominence that it emits some chill aspect into the tune, which goes against the grain of the rapid shooting synths. Contrasts like these make any song intriguing and highly enjoyable to listen to when composed successfully, as TEK.LUN has demonstrated in "Splash". 

Turn up that bass.

TEK.LUN - Resolve

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