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Evil Needle - "Falling Leaves"

The French seem to have an extremely good ear when it comes producing electronic music, and Evil Needle is no exception. Evil Needle grew up in Strasbourg, France and became quite fond of the Wu-Tang Clan and other producers with laid-back, easy-going sounds. For the past 11 years, he has honed his producing skills into a masterful art form. His last official album release was Equilibrium: The Return of Dr. Evil about five months ago. "Falling Leaves" is his latest work for a compilation album called Robot Soup, which includes artists like Elaquent and Kidsuke. "Falling Leaves" is produced in a classic Evil Needle style.

Starting off with chirping birds, bass kicks and snare claps slowly crescendo, leaving the chirping in the background. Modest synthesizers and effects are put into play to create a subtle ambient atmosphere that helps us welcome the soon-to-be fall season. To elevate the imagery and moods that this track gives off, Evil Needle also introduces a nice piano progression in the middle making the tune that more dynamic. Be sure to keep a look out for his recently announced LP that he is currently working on. Be sure to browse through the rest of the dynamic Robot Soup. 

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Chillwave · Downtempo · Electronic


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