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John Dahlback - Panic [EP]

Two hot new tracks just out now on Beatport, by the almost 27, sweet Swedish electronic DJ and producer, John Dahlback. Continuing in the same vein as his most recent work, Dahlback lays down some stomping electro house for our listening pleasure: one song sharing the the EP’s title, Panic, accompanied by “What’s Up Now.” The second track could be considered the calmer of the two, leading with a steady bassline and a grinding mid similar to that of “Zeus,” but slightly more refined. “Panic” on the other hand is certified bangerlicious, with an extra heavy dose of pure madness. It’s the kind of song that parents worry their kids listen to, the type that induces head-thrashing and shuffle-stepping all over the place. If you haven’t supported Dahlback’s recent efforts, head over to Beatport and buy this stellar release, or check his Facebook for a live show near you.

Stream: John Dahlback - Panic (Original Mix)

Stream:John Dahlback - Whats Up Now (Original Mix)




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8 years ago

Big tunes !