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Danny Brown - Bruiser Brigade [EP]

Detriot's very own Danny Brown's XXX proved to be one of hip-hop's most leftfield releases of 2011 and now here we are with Mr. Brown's Bruiser Brigade releasing a self-titled EP via Scion AV and Fool's Gold.

While there are only four tracks on the EP, Danny and the Brigade is comprised of his cousin and fellow emcce Dopehead, in-house producer Skywlkr and the the currently locked up Chip $. It features two originals, “Jooky” and “Errythang”, along with remixes by Lockah and Ryan Hemsworth. This should be following up with a full-length soon or at least that’s what we have our fingers crossed for. You can stream the EP below and download it here for free in exchange for an email address.

Hip-Hop · Rap


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8 years ago

why the hell didn't you just post the last page?!? Wen't through like 6 pages lol