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Flying Lotus - "Putty Boy Strut" [Video]

No sooner were we recovering from the shock and awe of Flying Lotus' short film, "Until The Quiet Comes", adroitly directed by Kahlil Joseph, than we find ourselves inundated with another visual masterpiece, this time by the oft-quirky genius of UK-born artist, Cyriak. Known for his "surreal animations, comics and general strangeness", Cyriak uses Flylo's "Putty Boy Sway", an otherwise innocent sounding track, to tell a metaphorical story about the dangers of over-consumption and destruction. 

It's more meaning than most of us could conjure, for a song composed of uniquely arranged blips, claps and synth beats. One thing is for certain, Flylo's music is provoking some of the most exquisite visual art we've seen in recent days and that alone is worth giving Until The Quiet Comes a good, long listen. Pre-order the album, to be released October 1 on Warp Recordshere.

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8 years ago

flying lotus >>>>>
his new album is FIRE