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Kavinsky - "Nightcall" (3.A.M. Remix)

3.A.M. is a new trio that has been circulating across the Toronto scene for the last year or so. Their knack for gritty, tough synthesis and heavy basslines really excels in their latest remix of the Kavinsky classic "Night Call". This remix brings a very dark, slow burning feel that is fairly uncommon in dance oriented music. The intro takes the vocoding and arpeggio of the original and chills it making it dark and creepy. Then, a fat, gritty bassline is introduced with some Justice-esque choppy which really gives this remix more movement and groove. Overall, their remix of "Night Call" completely flips the mood of the original, bringing forth a darker side to it. As a bonus, check out 3.A.M.'s latest original and Beatport debut entitled "Clockwork Era". Stay tuned for what 3.A.M. will release next.



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