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Straight No Chase [Week 11]

Welcome back for this week's edition of Straight No Chase, your one-stop shop source for all things hip-hop here on EARMILK. This comprehensive weekly feature aims to share hip-hop based content we may have missed during the past week, while also highlighting memorable content we did cover. In addition to the recap of our best hip-hop posts, SNC also includes a Video of the Week, Project of the Week, and a brief list of recently released noteworthy projects and upcoming releases.

As any hip hop head worth their salt knows, these days music floods the blogosphere by the millisecond. Consequently, the landscape of hip-hop is forever changing. There are countless rappers, both established and up-and-coming, as well as renowned and budding producers and beatsmiths dropping their fair share of dope music for the listening masses. It is our mission to mine the interweb for both audio and visual gems, delivering them straight to you for your auditory consumption. But enough with the jaw jacking: let's cut straight to the chase.

Straight Killer, No Filler

Though people may get the impression that music bloggers and writers are freaks of nature who robotically comb the Internet for music, never missing a beat, I am here to assure you that we too are fallible humans who in the process of bringing dope music to the masses, may miss a good banger or two along the way.

This week's delivery includes collaborative cut from Michigan's finest Willie The Kid and Jon Connor which will land on Willie's upcoming tape Aquamarine,a track from the SAVEMONEY crew's Joey Purp's new mixtape, a cut from Lucas Rivers' new EP [Rolling Weekends], and a host of other tracks.

Without further ado, let's jump right into this past week's selection of killer tracks:

Willie The Kid - Aquamarine [Mixtape]

Download: Willie The Kid - Marina (Feat. Jon Connor)

Skyzoo - A Dream Deferred [LP]

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/55492140" iframe="true" /]

The Black Opera - Overture [EP]

Download: The Black Opera - Timeline (feat. Tiffany Paige // Prod. 14KT)

Brian Fresco - single

Download: Brian Fresco - Drive Slow (Ft. Michael Anthony) (Prod. C-Sick)

Alley Boy - The Gift of Discernment [Mixtape]

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/55438165" iframe="true" /]

Yung Nate - 11:04 [EP]

Download: Yung Nate - Blast Off

Lorine Chia x Chance The Rapper - Lorine [LP]

Download: Lorine Chia - Living In Vain (Ft. Chance The Rapper)

The O'My's x Blended Babies - single

Download: The O'My's - Bout A Dolla (Feat. Twista, Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper & Chance The Rapper)

Joey Purp - The Purple Tape [Mixtape]

Download: Joey Purp - Champion

Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze - single

Download: Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze - Cold Blood (ft. Haleek Maul) (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)

SuaveHaus - SuaveHaus [EP]

Download: SuaveHaus - Touche Feat. Charmingly Ghetto and Abib Jahleel (Prod by Introspective Minds)

Mikkey Halsted - Castro [Mixtape]

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/55645444" iframe="true" /]

Cookie Monster Galaxy - Name On A Cloud [Mixtape]

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/44442974" iframe="true" /]

Dice Raw - The Greatest Rapper Never [Mixtape]

Download: Dice Raw - Fake MCs

Lucas Rivers - Rolling Weekends [EP]

Download: Lucas Rivers - [Weekend [II] - Alchy Screwed, Cds (Prod. Lucas Rivers

Bulu x Big K.R.I.T. - single

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/55648984" iframe="true" /]

GLC - The Anti Simp [Mixtape]

Download: GLC - Pussy Preach (Prod. by Xcel)

Shabaam Sahdeeq & Eddie B - The Wolves [Mixtape]

Download: Eddie B & Shabaam Sadeeq - Born To Win (Feat. Maffew Ragazino) (Prod. Harry Fraud)

DJ Khaled x Nas x Scarface x DJ Premier - Kiss The Ring [LP]

Download: DJ Khaled - Hip Hop (Feat. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier) (Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)

YP- No Doz [Mixtape]

Download: YP - Trade It All (Feat. Hit-Boy)

On The Rocks: Weekly Recap

Here's a five track recap of some of the best hip-hop covered this week on EARMILK. Take a couple of minutes to stroll down memory lane and revisit a handful of tracks brought to you earlier in the week.

Tuesday saw the release of the second collaborative song from Mac Miller and Pharrell's upcoming joint EP, Pink Slime and the first single from Pac Div's forthcoming sophomore album, GMB (October 16) and the release of Hit-Boy's solo debut album.

The latter half of the week saw Atlanta duo Mac Five announce their upcoming Ratchet Shit LP with the release of the album's lead single "Supa Loose" and surfacing of 2 Chainz 's Lil Wayne assisted track "Yuck" off his upcoming Def Jam debut abum, Based On A T.R.U. Story.

For those who may have been snoozing at the wheel this past week, here is your chance to play catch up:

Download:Mac Miller x Pharrell - Glow

Download: Pac Div - BANK (Prod. Scoop DeVille)

Download: Hit-Boy - Busta A** Ni**as (Feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Bun B)

Download: Mach Five - Supa Loose (Feat. GoDreamer) [Prod. Curti$ William$]

Download: 2 Chainz - Yuck (Feat. Lil Wayne)


Cito On The Beat - "I Be High"

 Fresh off releasing his new mixtape last month, New York's Cito On The Beat deliver the visuals for his hedonistic track "I Be High". Directed by La Sey Films + In The Struggle Productions, the smoked out video includes plenty of the sticky green stuff.

"I Be High" can be found COTB's new tape, Pinkster which features production from Cito, Black The BeastK-SkillzDivine Bars and Equator Line and features from ElowesMichael Francis and Scotty McStoned.

Download: Cito On The Beat - I Be High




Potent Art

  • Self-Released
  • August 5. 2012

Once again, this week's project of the week nod goes to a project I haphazardly stumbled on with the help of social media. This week's project comes courtesy of Lyv Rugratz's frontman KiU. Dedicated to his life passion, music, the Philadelphia raised, Brooklyn based rapper, songwriter, and producer's new album Potent Art is a lyrically packed project. In a brief conversation the Lyv Rugratz member summed up the project with the following statement:

The purpose of Potent Art is to show listeners that the creativity in music as a WHOLE still exists. The concept of Potent Art is simply justified by attacking all of the aspects in music from having the best beat selections, to bringing a certain sound to each track, & picking the best and suitable features for certain tracks, that is basically what makes the ART of the project POTENT. 

The cover which was done by designer/artist Shalise Jones, symbolizes the mind of an artist, the concept was to express/illustrate a different category of things that an artist thinks about and puts through their music. Every symbol on top of the human cranium sends a message of thinking out loud because the thoughts are put into the album. There's a different emotion put into each track and it's deliberated through things that are always in our minds. 

The fifteen track album includes production from KiU, LyvAJCazzie Jetson, and C. Money and feautres from Armon!, Bella AcesBones, B. Lee, Chance Davis, Clout, Duce Geez, Kayla H., and Lyv Rugratz Own LyvAJ.

Download: KiU - Yacht Music Feat. LyvAJ x Duce Geez x Bones x Clout x Kayla H. (Prod. By LyvAJ)

Download: KiU - Lavish Feat. Bella Aces x B. Lee (Prod. By C. Money)

Download: KiU - PI$$Y Monkey (Prod. By LyvAJ)

 Other Noteworthy Projects

Cookie Monster Galaxy - Name On A Cloud [Mixtape]
GLC - The Anti Simp [Mixtape]
Hit-Boy - HITstory [LP]
Joey Purp - The Purple Tape [Mixtape]
Lucas Rivers - Rolling Weekends [EP]
SuaveHaus - SuaveHaus [EP]
The Black OperaOverture [EP]

Upcoming Releases - August 14

2 Chainz - Based On a T.R.U. Story [LP] via Def Jam
Mach Five - Ratchet Shit [LP] (August 13)
Mikkey Halsted - Castro [Mixtape] (August 13) 

Friday Flashback 

De La Soul - "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa"

Depending on who you ask the average hip-hop fan will tell you storytelling is a lost art in the world of hip-hop. In an age where radio-friendly production-heavy club bangers are in high demand, it's easy to see why narrative-based songs rarely translate into commercially successful singles. When an infectiously catchy hook, simplistic lyrics and banging production are viewed as the core ingredients for chart-topping hit, the art of storytelling has quietly been surplanted by the art of mindless pandering.

While a new school of rappers including Kendrick Lamar ("Keisha's Song (Her Pain)") and Big K.R.I.T. ("They Got US") are reviving the art of storytelling, some of hip-hop's greatest lyrical bards belong to bygone eras in the illustrious genre's history. Known for their unrivaled collective lyrical prowess, Long Island trio De La Soul's 1991 single "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa", off their second album De La Soul Is Dead, is a perfect example of trio's penchant for weaving creative stories into their raps. 

Despite the comical title of the single, "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa" found the usually laidback and lighthearted group tackling the serious subject of child molestation. Produced by legendary producer Prince Paul, the four minute song chronicles the heartbreaking story of the fictional character Millie and the sexual abuse she is subjected to at the hands of her father, who happens to work as the local Macy's department store Santa.

Download: De La Soul - Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa

De La Soul surely does not stand alone when it comes to identifying groundbreaking storytellers who possessed the ability to craft and deliver imaginative and many times poetic stories in their songs. Rappers like Masta Ace, Rakim, 2 Pac, KRS-One and Slick Rick among others all were blessed with the unique gift of creating intriguing and equally engaging lyrical narratives that have withstood the test of time.

That's all for this week's edition of Straight No Chase. Thanks for checking in and checking out our fresh selection of all things hip-hop. As always, feel free to comment on this week's tunes and/or offer up any suggestions and music and video submissions for the subsequent edition of Straight No Chase.

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i love this SNC.   this is great.  I would really love to do a weekly trap muzik section.  I am very well-versed in that. 

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Coookie moooonster Galaxy !!!!!!

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ohhhhh very good project ! Can you write a article on "The black opera" and "Cookie Monster Galaxy" ?

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