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Astronauts, etc. - "Mystery Colors"

Growing up, most of us are told to follow our dreams, but what happens when an unexpected turn of events takes place, diminishing the possibility of achieving them? For some, this realization follows in despair, while others will use the unfortunate outcome as a motivator in future endeavors. Such was the situation faced by Anthony Ferraro, the Berkeley student now making music under the moniker Astronauts, etc. Ferraro, while pursuing a career in classical piano, developed arthritis, dampening the feasibility of his musical aspirations. Not letting this discourage him, Ferraro refocused his attention towards electronic music, the outcome of which can be heard on the single "Mystery Colors", our first listen from his debut Supermelodic Pulp EP, due out September 8th.

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"Mystery Colors" is a delicate ballad, powered by Ferraro's falsetto which weighs heavy as he croons "we’d spoken/ just the other evening outside/ of someone else’s window now I’m/ feeling so betrayed". The composition of the song, from the low drawl of the organ to the distant arpeggios from the synth, emanates a sense of isolation. This sentiment, when merged with Ferraro's vocals, impel the listener towards a state of reflection and contemplation. Accompanying each song from the EP will be a sci-fi themed video, the first of which,created by XLVI, can be viewed below.

Dreampop · Indie


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