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Patric la Funk & DJ Delicious – Smile [EP]

Patric la Funk provides an interesting study into the crossover DJ. With a wide breadth of knowledge across genres, this German producer has earned himself a lot of love in festival and club sets with his tracks that are both club-friendly and headphones-friendly. A veteran of the Ibiza circuit, la Funk prides himself in producing emotion-filled, fun tracks – which is probably why people love him.  The title of his release with DJ Delicious, Smile exemplifies such a mantra. Somewhere in between trance and funkyelectro, “Smile” has a range of emotions that it elicits – with trance-like uplifiting progressions to bombs of electro house drops.

The monthly mixes that la Funk releases on his Soundcloud are also great examples of his style and philosophy. His July mix begins with a chiller, deep house and tech house vibe, and builds to a funky and fun electro climax. Follow him on Soundcloud to see what he’s got in store for next month!

Electro · House


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