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Bodega BAMZ - "My Name Is" [Video]

Somewhere, amidst New York's five perpetually moving boroughs, Bodega BAMZ is getting money. At first, the Spanish Harlemite may look like Waldo in the empire state's sprawling scene, filled to the brim with hipsters,musical transplants, starving artists, not so starving artists, rappers, rappers and more rappers. But a closer look and you may notice "Waldo" becomes more discernable. Gaining the attention of New York's most distinguishable rap group since Dipset, I first learned of BAMZ when he was featured A$AP Ant's "Told Ya". Returning with the bass heavy warble that is, "My Name is", the emcee know by some simply as - Papi, gives us an entertaining and, if anything, insightful individualistic approach.



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