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C Dot Castro – "World Wide" (Feat. Logic)

The #RattPack crew from Maryland is back at it with C Dot Castro's second release in the past month, "World Wide" featuring his homie Logic. It's only a matter of time before this talented group surfaces into the limelight, as each compenent of  their music is executed within their team. Castro and Logic absolutely shred up beats while 6ix, C-SickGRVTY and GXL direct dope visuals. There's not a single element lost with these guys.

As Logic's Young Sinatra: Undeniable left a crater in the industry, he put on for Castro in "Disgusting" and now it's Castro's turn to put on his everything he stands for. After Castro dropped his first single and music video for "Boomerang" it turned a lot of heads and got people talking about this kid as his talent level is much higher than most rappers who have a huge following. Disregard the fact that this track "World Wide" will appear on Castro's  first mixtape, but take this track for what it is: the final sound. Castro is currently unsigned but is surrounded by Visionary Music Group members. With his natural flow, it's only a matter of time until his name goes up in lights and he starts to sell out shows. Check out the entire #RattPack collection and get educated with true underground talent.

Download: C Dot Castro – "World Wide" (Feat. Logic) 

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