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A Sol Mechanic – "Starpool Intimacy"

So I instantly grew more chest hair when I started listening to A Sol Mechanic's recent creation "Starpool Intimacy". This dark, droning track was laced beautifully, resonating a supernatural type of imagery with a sense of softness coming from contrasting chimes. This is one of the songs that makes you feel like a badass walking down the street. ASM always captures my ears with his amazing experiments that turns out to be a flawless tune. In the time that I have been following ASM, his work has never decreased in quality, and there is no real direction to his music because he always changes things up once you figure him out. The only constant aspect in his game is his goal to create a short story or provoke a certain feeling with each track, and "Starpool Intimacy" definitely meets those goals. 

I honestly can't wait for an inevitable album of his. But for now, these wonderful single tracks are holding me off nicely. For the time being.

Electronic · Experimental


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