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Jaw Jam - Untitled [EP]

Summer is in full bloom and the music is following suit. For an example you need only look to the aural garden of Jaw Jam, where the fruits of labor are always sweet. The New Jersey producer has already earned quite a name for himself, with a release forthcoming on Kastle's burgeoning Symbols label and more on the way. He wields a masterful command over luscious chords and vocals akin to Disclosure and James Blake's Harmonimix series. Breathing life into R&B samples with lush compositions is the name of the game with this one. It's brought to us on the first release from the lovely people at Live for the Funk, who are firmly entrenched in the front lines of forward-thinking sounds. Listen to (and grab) the EP below.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2189151"]

"U Dont Know" wastes no time in dropping knowledge, emerging from a sonic fog with beautifully sublimating SWV vocals. It's easy to get lost in this one, and you probably won't want to be found. "Rain" pitter-patters along with the EP's signature clap-happy percussion before a riptide of organs and vocal flourishes elevate the track to heavenly status. "Untitled" is entrancing enough on its own, sounding like Alicia Keys thrown into a syrupy whirlpool, but Obey City never ceases to amaze on the hypercharged remix. The pair's uncanny ear for sample smithing shines through here, with Obey City producing yet another tune that never seems to stop evolving and adding new elements. If those saccharine "ooh"s don't get you I don't know what will.

Jaw Jam's clearly has a large stock of top shelf material, so add him to your "to watch" list if you somehow haven't already. Make sure to check his SoundCloud for an even bigger haul of bootlegs and originals.

(LFTF001) Live For The Funk: Jaw Jam - Untitled EP

Bass · Dance · Electronic


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