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Silver Medallion - "Stay Young" [Exclusive]

For the next big single on DJ Benzi's Get Right Records comes Silver Medallion's "Stay Young", an addicting vocal house jam produced by Dstar (1/2 of Solidisco), that's sure to be stuck in your heads all summer.

"There's one of those days when you wake up and you realize you've gone too far down the rabbit hole to come back up. You look around and your band's gone, your best friend's dead, your girlfriend hates your guts and you're never gonna hold another job again because if someone googles your name that's the end. You spiraled down a staircase of ego and self-loathing and liquor and dubstep and isolated your friends and family so you could jump up and down on stage and steal four lokos from the bodega and rock college parties and look at the next man and judge them because they're not real enough to live this life. And some days you make the hardest, angriest EDM you can because you're soundtracking the life you live and somedays you make pop music because you woke up and felt you couldn't go on if you didn't make something beautiful.

You're 24 and you live in New York City and you feel like a god because all the bottle service girls know your name. And you ride the train and write songs and crash open bars and get fired from dj gigs and start fights with Goldman Sachs douchebags in the club and argue about life and see the sun come up every night and you go to raves and kiss girls when the bass drops and just generally fuck shit up. That's that Silver Medallion life. And it's super trill." -Silver Medallion

Download: Silver Medallion - Stay Young

The single will be released along with a full remix pack on July 10 on Beatport and iTunes and will include remixes from GTA and Udachi as well as the extended and instrumental versions of "Stay Young".

Update - Silver Medallion just released the music video for "Stay Young", so feel free to watch it below.

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