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Arca - "Manners"

Arca may not be huge yet, but chances are, he's going to blow up before we know it. We already told you about his recent free EP, Stretch 1, out on UNO NYC, not to mention his creeptastic video for "Ass Swung Low" off the same. Wasting no time between releases, next on the horizon for Arca on August 6 is the Stretch 2 LP, the debut physical release on UNO NYC and a collection of tracks that fulfills completely the expectations set by his excellent EP.

Arca's really tough to describe -- even within the track below, which premiered through NPR's All Songs Considered today, can feel like a different song second by second, and the shifts that the album seamlessly makes are even more surprising. What makes it all great, though, is that you don't even notice the shift until you're in too deep to turn back; Arca's already convinced you of the validity of the next step before you even realize you've moved on.

Stream "Manners" below and pre-order Manners from UNO NYC - you won't be sad that you did. You can catch Arca live in New York at the first show of this year's MOMA PS1 Warm Up Series alongside TrustNguzunguzuLight Asylum, and Todd Terry. I can't even describe my jealousy at not being able to be there for that lineup.

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