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Submerse - "Pressure"

Mixing the aspects of two-step, garage, funk, and dance would yield the grandeur style of Submerse. In the week leading up to his upcoming EP, Tears (release date on June 29), there has been teasers and snippets released every so often. And the track "Pressure" is one of them. "Pressure" a track laced with moving rhythms and sassy vocal loops. The light, pulsating beat along with the synths and rhythm coherently fits together to form a dynamic piece of work that felt like a fresh glass of lemonade to my ears. I am always on the look out for electronic music that takes a different path in regards to the trending styles. Because who knows, one of these artists could potentially start a whole new phase in electronic music. Submerse is on to something, and has been for awhile. 


Play: Submerse - Pressure




Ambient · Electronic · Garage


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