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HeatSeekers – "Aftershock" (Haydn Hoffman Remix)

If you're anything familiar this 21 year old's sound than you're most likely familiar with having to wipe the blood from your ears as his shattering bass and scratching synth makes quick work of your eardrums. I often find the time to check out the San Diego native's work since I'm rarely disappointed and the speed which he produces is enough to satisfy my craving for filth. Today I'm bringing you Haydn Hoffman's latest work on Temple Music Group Records.

Hoffman's remix of "Aftershock" is packed with an energetic punch that snatches your breath away on the first drop. Filled with building synths and lasers, this track slaughters the original by HeatSeekers. What really sticks out is the hectic structure of the track – one of the most common parts of any Haydn Hoffman track. You can pick up the single today on Beatport.



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