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theclosing - "box" [Premiere]

"theclosing is written together like that because we are not a "band" and our music is about three very different personalities getting close and communicating through sound. It's more about things coming together than coming to an end." That's how theclosing's Alexander Hengl describes what the group (also including Lukas Lehner and Daniela Auer) has been up to since 2004, blending self-made samples, found sounds, and field recordings into electronic music that, like most music that's innovative and fresh, defies classification. The Vienna group's self-titled LP theclosing will be released July 10 on Portland label Circle into Square, and its 14 tracks are a perfect blend of introspection and beats you can appreciate at surface level. "Something for mind and body," their one-sheet says, and it couldn't be more correct. 

"We try to channel the subconscious through mouse clicks. Playing around with samples, our voices, and instruments; letting things happen 'til there is something. At some points we try to lead things in a certain direction but never too much. As soon as we think too much about it, things get worse." So give it a listen and maybe think a little -- but not too much. It'll all make sense when you listen to the first single "box" off the album, streaming below.

Stream: theclosing - box



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