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Perfect Giddimani – "Journey of 1000 Miles" [Album]

Perfect Giddimani just dropped his newest album, Journey of 1000 Miles. On this record, the Bobo Ashanti reggae rocker's lyrics are organic and awash with his rasta beliefs but lie, ironically, on top of greasy riddims as ital as a sack of Big Macs. Get a couple of tracks into this album though, and you'll be bobbing to the beat, having quickly forgotten about its paradoxical nature. It's just too good and too catchy. Dynasty Records was going for accessibility here, trying to sugar coat a sometimes unpopular musical genre. No blame there. Hopefully this album will bring some more fans to the magical genre that is reggae. I love Perfect and I love this whole album. Here is my favorite track "One Week".

Download: Perfect Giddimani – One Week



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