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Quakers - "Fitta Happier" [Video]

Another banger from the Stones Throw family. Here are the visuals  for "Fitta Happier" from Quakers which features rappers Guilty Simpson and MED and the Quakers' All Star Brass Band. Quakers are a 35-piece hip hop collective whose members orbit around producers Fuzzface (of Portishead), 7-Stu-7 (Portishead engineer) and Australian producer Katalyst

The result on the collective's single "Fitta Happier" is an explosion of phenomenal, brass-fueled, heavy-hitting dopeness hip hop. Guilty Simpson is never to be played with lyrically and he does not ease up for a second on this track. MED is probably one of the few lyricists out there on par with Simpson. Between both emcees giving the mic a bloody good thrashing and the blaring of the brass band, I was half expecting the microphone to burst into flames. "Fitta Happier" is that fire. A veritable masterpiece. 

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8 years ago

a little bit credit for Radiohead's "National Anthem" would have been nice (: