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The Indie Sabbath - Week 23

 A Quick Word from the Author:

Before we begin, let's make one thing clear: There is no way anyone can be as excited as I am to have the The Indie Sabbath back -- a motion that is long overdue. It's been just over a year since I debuted the Sabbath last May to an overwhelming response from hundreds of indie fans emerging from the wet works. Over time, the Sabbath hit some speed bumps before eventually stalling out completely. Excuses need not be made, myself and the rest of EARMILK are just thrilled to bring back the best weekly indie feature the Internet has ever seen. I'll leave it at that.

TLDR: We're excited. Apologies for Sabbath's absence. Quit your bitching, moving on.

The Indie Sabbath is back, with new specs and some major changes. First off, it's on Thursdays now. "SABBATH on a Thursday?? That makes no sense!" Yeah, well, get over it. Traditionally, we've used the Sabbath to feature the best new Indie music around the web each week -- and that isn't changing. But we've added a few things, including a Video of the Week, Album of the Week, and a brief recap of the best Indie posts featured here on EARMILK every seven days. Our goal is to provide more than just a list, leaving our readers with not only new music, but visuals, information and albums to explore with friends. That being said, let's get on to the eclectic array of Indie excellence.



They say it's officially Summer, but some may beg to differ. Regardless of what it looks like out your window, the peak of the music season is upon us. There will be more music released over the next few months than any other time of the year, which means that there's a whole lot to sift through. We ventured into the pastures of the Indie realm, and came back with some deliciously satisfying results. Here's twenty samples of that milky goodness, ripe for the picking. Fresh looks on new material from Arcade Fire, Tes Elations, Young Man, Exitmusic, Leonard Friend and Twin Shadow. Milk away, my fine-haired friends.

Download: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Remix by Damian Taylor & Arcade Fire)

Download: Tes Elations - Autumn

Download: Yung Life - Isn't This

Download: Young Man - Fate

Download: Exitmusic - Storms

Download: Tours - Grand Lux

Download: Amanda Mair - Sense (Meridians & Croquet Club Remix)

Download: Lemonade - Softkiss

Download: Villa Kang- Touch of Evil

Download: Hazy Mountains - Eavesdrop

Download: Saint Motel - 1997

Download:Noble Oak - Coke Bottle Candy

Download: Leonard Friend - Every Woman

Download: Norra Kust - Valley

Download: Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

Download: Tomas Barfod - November Skies feat. Nina Kinert

Download: Kalen Nash - White Oak

Download: The Mynabirds - Body Of Work

Download: George Kamel - Found My Way

Download: Glowbug - New Vinyl

Download:Blue Foundation - Lost (feat. Sara Savery)


Here's a five track flashback of the best in Indie this week on EARMILK. Take a sip, and enjoy the dishes -- these are certified fresh.

Download: Imagine Dragons - It's Time (Penguin Prison Remix)

"Penguin Prison shows off his chops as he tackles the Las Vegas quartet's single by injecting a healthy dose of fun into the track and giving birth to a carefree pop-friendly tune." (Original Post)

Download: Carousel - Carousel - Let's Go Home

"Similar to 'Where Have You Gone,' Carousel's latest single 'Let's Go Home' combines gentle Pop elements with a subtle Dance feel, offering a soundscape that can serve as both something to dance to as well as fuel for an excellent daydream." (Original Post)

Download: Caged Animals - I Will Take My Own Hand

"Caged Animals emits hues of positivity, yet is still grounded by a sense of reality before it can reach the realm of bubbly, quasi-nauseating, feel-good, indie-pop." (Original Post)

Download: KO KO - Float

"The single and title track 'Float' has generated a fair amount of buzz since it's release earlier this year and has garnered interest from the likes of RCA, Capitol Records, and UK-based Parlophone." (Original Post)

Download:shaky snakes - clark drive sunrise

"The track 'Clark Drive Sunrise' has a suspenseful undertone between the sounds of ocean waves and his voice being dauntingly compressed. It lingers through your ears and the rest of your body in a wistful yet satisfying manner." (Original Post)


Yes, there's an Arcade Fire video at the top of the post. We'll call that the runner-up. As for the best Indie video of the week, tip of the hat to Danish quartet When Saints Go Machine. The visuals for their new single "Mannequin" are an oddly captivating affair. The new single is a bit of a drawn out experience, no less creepy than gorgeous. Within the video you'll find yourself venturing deeper and deeper into some sort of fantastic nightmare, which is about as much as I can say about it. I really have no idea what the hell is going on in the video, other than that it compliments the music perfectly, and weirded me out.



Chet Faker - Thinking In Textures

Australia's Superstar/ Sweetheart Chet Faker's new EP Thinking In Textures describes itself. The concoction of chilled out genres held within the EP stray far and wide, and categorizing it under one such label isn't particularly appropriate. One of many new artists emerging from down under, Chet's ability to layer an array of sequences into his songs is perhaps more impressive than anything else, as he has managed to create a unique sound with mass appeal. Highlighted by hits "No Diggity" and "I'm Into You," the EP is a delight from a different world, and a testament to Chet's remarkably bright looking future. Purchase it on iTunes here.


Other Noteworthy Albums:
Young Man - Young Man, Vol. 1
Mount Eerie - Clear Moon
Luminary Youth - Unwritten Future
Amatuer Love - It's All Aquatic
Exitmusic - Passage
Tomas Barfod - Salton Sea

Upon this day, I declare that Indie music is leaps and bounds more pure than anything else, and the term "Indie" means not that a band isn't mainstream, but that a band has been able to hold on to its roots, even through fame and fortune. While the wonderful thumps and womps of other genres get me grooving, it will always be the sui generis of Indie that guides me to the homeland. And for that -- I both thank it and applaud it -- for it has brought me great pleasure in the past and will so in the future.

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8 years ago

this is a great post. 

8 years ago

tha sabbath is baaaaaack. good stuffs rannie

Ronnie Evans
Ronnie Evans
8 years ago
Reply to  blake

Thanks thug.

Jason Sani
8 years ago

Righteous post bruhhhhhhh.. Twin Shadow and KO KO are really hitting the sweet spot

Thomas Edmondson
Thomas Edmondson
8 years ago

Sweet missed the indie sabbath!

8 years ago

Just a heads up. The song you have posted under Cadence Weapon - 88 is actually streaming Saint Motels - 1997. Also a good song that I'm assuming you got from another great blog in there commended.net as it was released to them as an exclusive. god, I spend too much time reading about music if I know that I feel. Cheers and keep up the awesome work on the sabbath.