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YACHT - "I'll Be Your Mirror"

The earth, the earth, the earth is on fire! We don't have no daughter, let the mother fucker burn!"

Thus go the most memorable lyrics I have from a band in 2011. This abrupt line that kicks off the hit track "Dystopia" from YACHT's ever-rebellious album Shangri-La sucked me in immediately, leading to YACHT's placement as one of my favorite Indie artists, and one of the best of 2011. Their ruckus, no holds bars attitude delivers an oddly refreshing wave of energy upon the listener, a unique trait that they've perfected over time -- while others seem to try too hard for the same effect.

But not all YACHT is yack. The well balanced duo knows how to hit hard as well as strike gently, and this diversity is perhaps best exemplified in a compaprison of "Dystopia" to their latest single/cover "I'll Be Your Mirror." The cover is short and sweet, offering a beautiful rendition of the Velvet Underground's original.

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