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Ta-ku - "Higher" (Flume Remix)

In Jurassic Park, Ray bluntly says "Hold onto your butts," which sums this track up nicely. Ta-ku is known for his intricate beatstrumentals, taking influence from the greats such as J.Dilla. Flume has recently reworked Ta-ku's "Higher" and mixed in some more elements to make the track edgier than before. It's a wonderful remix. Most of the original is still intact, while Flume tosses in his two-cents worth. Honestly, his contribution is much more than that. Improving an already great track and boosting it to another level is an impressive feat by itself. Flume also produces original tunes that you should definitely consider checking out. With Ta-ku's mastery in beats and Flume's expertise in electronic music, it could only yield yummy goodness.

Stream, drool, taste.  

Download: Ta-ku - Higher (Flume Remix)



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