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Miike Snow - The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix)

Thomas Gold has been producing music for several years now and in that time he has been able to master his own specific sound of big room, "feel good," progressive house. His latest work, remixing Miike Snow's "The Wave," is no exception to his talent. I was lucky enough to meet and interview Thomas several months ago where I got a thorough look into the mind of this producer (which you can watch here). Being part of Axtone Records and collaborating with renowned DJs, he's built himself quite a reputation. 

Today's remix of "The Wave" is a smooth blend of the original vocals with a big room build as Thomas transitions a suspense-fully increasing melody with a kick snare pattern. We're worked right up to the vocals where your instantly met with Thomas's unique style of mixing a uplifting melody with high snares and higher synths as he takes you from a aggressive side to the gentle vocals and back to a progressive build. Enjoy the single below. Make sure you pick up the single off Beatport today. 

Stream: Miike Snow - The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix)

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