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Glam Shell - Soul & Stardust [EP]

What's that? You want some music for summerrrr? For hanging out on the beach or night driving or going out or staying in and sitting on the porch with your Black and Mild and some close friends...

Download: Glam Shell- Soul & Stardust

Because that music has officially arrived. Glam Shell (aka Drury Graham of Louisville) dropped an EP today (Soul and Stardust) that I think you'll all come to love. And if this is the first you've heard of Mr. Shell and his stutter-stop-start anthems, consider this an introduction. Let's go deep.

Download: Glam Shell - Lemme Have It

What is it with chopping beats and pitch shifting vox? From witch house drag to the Texas trill kids, it's the constant in hip music today, and Glam Shell is no exception. "Lemme Have It" is a shimmering gold track, with a haunting vocal glissando and beach ready beat that leaves sand in your pocket after a couple listens. (In case you can't tell, I'm really missing 10,000 lake life.)

Download: Glam Shell - You & I

Same thing with "You and I" and "The Rain." Hi-hat heavy beats, bass with a shot of that 8-bit snare, a wedge of soul samples, shaken, and you're done. You've made a chillwave-hip-hop-whatever song. I'm not implying it's easy or formulaic. I'm just letting you know, these are the parts that make the whole wavvvveeee experience possible.

Download: Glam Shell - The Rain

And that's everything off Soul and Stardust. For some older tracks, I've picked a "Gucci Gucci" remix that Mr. Shell dropped this January, and "We Were Lovers, We Were Friends" from this past December. Going deeper.

Download: Glam Shell - Kreayshawn-Gucci Gucci (Glam Shell Remix)

It's tough to make "Gucci Gucci" more fun than it already is. Tough for people who aren't Mr. Shell, that is. This is what I mean by stutter-stop-start anthems: a joint that grabs you by the throat and FORCES YOU to make an ass of yourself on the floor. "We Were Lovers, We Were Friends..." not so much, it's just a good song with a slow bass-clap, lots of glitz, glitch, and glam. Enjoy your summer (and good luck on finals). 

Download: Glam Shell - We Were Lovers, We Were Friends

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9 years ago

Really good stuff (Y)