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The Internet - The Feng Shui Experiment [Video]

Mere months removed from the release of their debut LP Purple Naked LadiesSyd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians, collectively known as the experimental soul duo The Internet, are gearing up to release their second documentary titled The Feng Shui Experiment. Unlike their previous documentary, The Feng Shui Experiment will be a more ambitious full-length film. The documentary will be more informative and geared towards showing the reality of being an artist/musician in the music industry.
In support of their documentary, the duo has release a promotional video. In the clip Syd speaks briefly about the purpose of the documentary and the group's plans to head to Atlanta for the summer to escape and seek some creative inspiration outside of Los Angeles, Syd's hometown. In conjunction with their latest documentary, the duo have launched a Kickstarter project in an effort to raise $15,000 to fund both the free release of their sophomore album and the documentary which will capture their journey from the album's inception to its completion. Check out the video and visit Kickstarter.com to make a donation.
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Cortez Tezcat Ross
9 years ago

Why is Earl Sweatshirt in this video?