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Ble3k - "Into The Arch" (Allied Remix)

Drum and Bass. Before you turn away (Americans) hear me out. It's not an uncommon occurrence to hear people complain about Dubstep nowadays, and that's fine. Dubstep has deteriorated a good bit from what it once was. Yet, even more common is to see people quickly dismiss Drum and Bass (once again, in America) because "It's too fast" or "I can't get into it."

So riddle me this: Last year we witnessed much of America practically gyrate in orgasmic fashion to a collection of screeches and distorted puke noises that has been rightfully dubbed as 'Brostep,' which is simply a more hardcore and intense form of Dubstep. This is all good an well, I was one of you, and I still support the movement -- it's just a matter of being sick of it. But then you throw on something with a faster tempo that is in essence, much more user friendly than Brostep, and people act like you just threw a cat in a blender. I can't figure this out -- if anything, Americans should be embracing Drum and Bass. Our electronic scene is built around the drugs that fuel it, and Drum and Bass provides a consistent stream of energy that no other genre can touch. Let's take a moment and give it a chance again, shall we?

Allied. This forward thinking duo from the UK has a knack for causing chaos on the dance floor, and their most recent remix of Ble3k's track "Into the Arch" is no exception. Essentially, they've taken the track, packed it into a collection of .50 cal rounds and proceeded to riddle holes in their speaker system with the resulting product. The remix sets the tone from the get go, with no hesitation on cranking up the BPM's and dropping the scattergun kicks. Thought your Dubstep made your neighbors angry? Drop some Allied and watch them set fire to the mansion with a smile on your face.

Listen to the track below, and for pete's sake America, get over yourselves like I did and listen to some good ole' D&B. Erratic dancing is acceptable.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/42743862" iframe="true" /]

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