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Zaika - "Ifeelu"

Zaika is one of those unknown music producers that should receive more credit than they actually get. In a music scene dominated by dubstep, house, and anything club-like, he decided to be different and take the complete opposite route. Zaika's style is very experimental ambient with hints of worldly influences. Just releasing his first official single, "Ifeelu," he is quite new to the music scene, but that doesn't faze him.

"Ifeelu" is a dreamy, mid-tempo ambient track laced with airy effects. Couple with ambient vocals, it resonates a spiritual sensation that will tingle you in the core. Like a stream of consciousness, it does not have a so-called traditional structure. There is no representation of verses and a chorus that you can find in a lot of songs. I like it when musicians and producers break down the barriers and are not afraid to explore the unconventional and unorthodox. Zaika does a great job on this track in regards to making you feel. 

Download: Zaika - Ifeelu

Ambient · Electronic


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Alex Parr
9 years ago

sounds like burial