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Fly Moon Royalty - "My Heart Keeps Pumping"

Seattle electro-soul duo Fly Moon Royalty (AdraBoo and Action Jackson) return with a new lead single "My Heart Keeps Pumping" from their forthcoming freEPDimensions. The record features a darker more brooding sound which is markedly different from the previous two records ("Lemonade" and "Betta Have My Money" we've showcased here on the Earmilk. While Adra lays down her customary vocals, Action Jackson steps away from the boards to drop a verse which is a pleasant treat and change of pace than previous releases. 

Download: Fly Moon Royalty - My Heart Keeps Pumping

Building on the success of their eponymous debut LP, FMR shows no signs of slowing up when it comes to pumping out good music to the masses. Give their latest single a listen and check out Action Jackson's intoxicating "Mike's Hard" (had to throw that corny pun in there) remix of the duo's catchy tune "Lemonade".

Download: Fly Moon Royalty - Lemonade (Mike's Hard Remix)



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