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Fast Years - Women [EP]

Last spring, four men from Brooklyn grouped together and formed an infectious indie rock band called Fast Years . One listen is all it takes for anyone to become a victim of their garage rock sugar coated with surf pop virus. On June 12th, the band will release their debut EP entitled Women. This EP is a composition of nod-able, slap-able, clap-able, and tap-able summer anthems."Young Heart", an immediate love jam, is perfect to soundtrack your next summer flame. The beginning drums hook you in with a moving body and the buoyant punk chorus completely grabs your teenage reminiscence with "you've got a young heart, you're afraid to break it / let's fall apart".  Then, "Like it or not" seems to follow "Young Heart", begging to keep the fire going as it would in an endless summer. Sometimes, it's nice to hear an album dedicated to women and Fast Years have clearly done that. Thanks! 

Don't forget to check out Fast Years in Brooklyn this Friday at Cameo Gallery.

Download: Fast Years - Young Heart

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