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Area 6 - "Nemesis" (Feat.Ursula Raasted & Don Vitto)

Area 6 has come back to follow-up his work with his latest goodie "Nemesis". Area 6 is an 18-year-old music producer whose main influences are dub, glitch, house, and drumstep. He has proven that he has a good ear of things, such as his last amazing mashup "Ignition Levels". This time, he comes kicking down our front door with an original piece. After listening to "Nemesis", I came to this conclusion: why haven't more producers incorporated rapping in dubstep? I am no expert in sound manipulation and engineering, but the way Area 6 pieced this track together is nothing short of amazing. The rapping and the dubstep work hand in hand with one another, elevating each side of the song to a whole new level. It is a contrast between the two genres that I rarely hear these days, and I like it. Area 6 may be on to something here. 

Download: Area 6 - Nemesis ft. Ursula Raasted and Don Vitto

Dance · Dubstep · Electronic · Rap


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