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Abel Okugawa - "Milk"

This is a slightly new one for me. Abel Okugawa's music style is a fusion of electronica and downtempo with influences from worldly cultures, to which I just drooled over. I recently stumbled upon Abel Okuawa on Youtube. He is probably my favorite discovery in past few months. He creates elaborate layers while fusing electronica and downtempo in a mind-boggling fashion. What does mean you say? Allow me to show you. Today, I bring you "Milk."

"Milk" is that type of downtempo track that is more on the faster side. The track by no means evade the essence of downtempo, it just has a little more kick to it which is largely due to the electronic aspect of the song. It's on the fence between a dance and a chilled tune, which I usually tend to enjoy. Though it has that aspect of chill, the electronic aspects of the song propels itself into the borders of other genres. I can't really say this for his other tracks. A lot of them are unique in their own way, ranging from glitch, ambient, dub, and even touching on post-rock. But understand this: the essence of downtempo is ever-present in each of the tracks, though you may not hear it. It's the vibe and the mood  Abel Okugawa's tracks resonate this aspect, which I find most intriguing. Even though "Milk" is slightly dated, it is virtually and literally unheard of to the rest of the world.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/43383895" iframe="true" /]



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