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Bobby Womack - "The Bravest Man In The Universe"

1994 was a pretty good year for music. '94 saw Mary J. Blige release her sophomore album My Life, the release of analbum called Illmatic by a hungry young Queens rapper by the name of Nasir Jones and the release of music veteran Bobby Womack's 23rd studio album Resurrection. Eighteen years later and the legendary soul singer, whose impressive career spans five decades, is gearing up to release one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

The second leak from Womack's upcoming album The Bravest Man In The Universe has made its way to the interweb via Youtube. If you weren't already excited for Womack's album, I think that will all change after hearing the album's title track. Womack's striking voice instantly grabs your attention followed by the track's crafty production, which like the rest of the album is handled entirely by Damon Albarn and Richard Russell.

The Bravest Man In The Universe available June 12 via XL Recordings.



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