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RL Grime - "Grapes Alla Vodka"

Have you ever soaked your grapes in vodka? I haven't, but I have tried it with frozen blueberries, and I can say, quite certainly, that it was terrible. Thus far, grapefruit is the only fruit I've managed to successfully consume "alla vodka." But it seems New York City's RL Grime, of the Wedidit Collective, has figured out the secret formula for making grapes soaked in booze both crunk and delicious. Below is the first cut from his debut EP, Grapes, released April 20, complete with heavy bass, snares and trap/rap influences offset by plenty of synth layers to get lost in. I think you'll find it aptly titled; it's playful and fruity enough but also a bit twisted.

The EP, available on Bandcamp for $5, includes four original tracks plus remixes from Wedidit contemporaries Salva, LOL Boys, Groundislava, and Shlohmo + 2KWTVR, so you know it's packed with treasures.

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Experimental


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