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Wobble Wednesday

The weekend has come and gone, and now you're deep into your weekly grind. Never fear, Wobble Wednesday is back with more of your favorite face-melting bass drops to help you make the most of your mundane lifestyle. Today I'll be guiding you along through the many variations of bass music that we see these days, new and old. I wanted to turn the Wobble Wednesday feature into more than just a section for today's dubstep, so I decided it was only right to incorporate some drum & bass as well as an oldies section into the weekly feature.

You'll be hearing amazing bass-driven tunes from the softer, chiller side of dubstep to the filthy, grimier side that everybody loves to rage to. I'll also dip into the world of drum & bass as well as add some classic tunes from the 'golden age' of dubstep. All I ask from you guys is to enjoy and download. Once the weekend hits, steal the iPod at the party and throw on these songs. Guarantee it will make the place jump!


Finally the wait is over to listen to the full length version of Skream's remix of "I Stand Alone" by Theophilus London. This track is classic Skream, with the apparent heavy influence of UK bass and garage styles that we have come to recognize. I first heard this on BBC Radio 1 and absolutely could not wait for the official release. The M Machine just released their new album Metropolis Pt. 1 off of the OWSLA label. The whole album is a mix between electro-house and blends of dubstep, I decided to leave you guys with the track "Shadow in the Rose Garden." Be sure to peep Metropolis Pt. 1 in its entirety.

      Theophilus London - I Stand Alone (Skream Remix)
Download: Skream - Theophilus London - I Stand Alone (Skream Remix)

      Cold As Ice (A.Skillz and Nick Thayer Bootleg)
Download: Foreigner - Cold As Ice (A.Skillz and Nick Thayer Bootleg)

      Imagine Dragons - Its Time (Vaski Remix)
Download: Vaski - Imagine Dragons - Its Time (Vaski Remix)

      Waka Flocka - No Hands (CHARITY STRIKE REMIX)
Download: CHARITY STRIKE - Waka Flocka - No Hands (CHARITY STRIKE REMIX)

      The M Machine - Shadow in the Rose Garden
Download: The M Machine - Shadow in the Rose Garden


To my delight, and hopefully yours as well, xKore just released a slew of new songs. All of which are as heavy and filthy as usual. Until recently The Killabits have been pretty quiet, this week though we got our hands on a new remix of Mart!n McFly's hip hop tune "Yo!"

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/43676140" iframe="true" /]

      Martn McFly - Yo (The Killabits Remix)
Download: The Killabits - Mart!n McFly - Yo! (The Killabits Remix)

      Tim Ismag - Shanghai Flight (Crimps and Cotcha Remix)
Download: Crimps and Cotcha - Tim Ismag - Shanghai Flight (Crimps and Cotcha Remix)

      Lazy Rich ft. Belle Humble - The Chase (Habstrakt Remix)
Download: Habstrakt - Lazy Rich ft. Belle Humble - The Chase (Habstrakt Remix)

      The Chillers - Dead Monster (xKore Remix)
Download: xKore - The Chillers - Dead Monster (xKore Remix)


This week I have some heavy old school bangers for you guys. Off of the 2009 Heavy Arms EP, Reso kills it with "Beasts in the Basement." This was right around the time artists were beginning to experiment with build ups, drops, and subtle synthy noises familiarized with early tunes by Rusko

      TC - Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix)
Download: Caspa - TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)

      Matta - Release the Freq
Download: Matta - Release the Freq

      Reso - Beasts In The Basement
Download: Reso - Beasts In The Basement


Dub Scout has been a common name here for the past couple weeks. He has recently been pushing an enormous amount of songs, more than even I can keep track of. I've decided to add his drum & bass track "Balance." He uses a very video game-esque synth tune and layers a deep, gritty bass line to contrast. FRNKNSTYN has been pushing out some great tracks as well, I knew I wanted to feature a song by this guy but had some trouble picking just one. I eventually settled with "Around You" which features vocals by Risky.

      Dub Scout - Balance
Download: Dub Scout - Balance

      AllDegrees - Displace
Download: AllDegrees - Displace

      DJ Westy - Bring You Down
Download: DJ Westy - Bring You Down

      FRNKNSTYN - Around You feat. Risky
Download: FRNKNSTYN - Around You feat. Risky


PatrickReza, the 19 year old dubstep phenom, busted out a huge remix of "I'm Not Yours" by Angus and Julia Stone this week. Every time we get a new Reza track it's a treat, his songs have a softer more melodic take on dubstep that a lot of artists in the industry lack. The boys At Dawn We Rage are best known for their filthy dubstep style, what with being signed to Figure's Doom Music label and all. But with their track "Chill Out, Your Already A Winner," At Dawn We Rage shows that they can wear more than one hat.

      Angus and Julia Stone - Im Not Yours (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)
Download: PatrickReza - Angus and Julia Stone - I'm Not Yours (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)

      The Wanted - Glad You Came (Clark Kent Remix)
Download: Clark Kent - The Wanted - Glad You Came (Clark Kent Remix)

      DVBBS - DRVGS (TYR Remix)
Download: DVBBS - DRVGS (TYR Remix)

      MitiS - Chain Reaction
Download: MitiS - Chain Reaction

      AT DAWN WE RAGE - Chill Out Your Already A Winner
Download: AT DAWN WE RAGE - Chill Out, Your Already A Winner

      Misclick - Facing Problems (Ft. Kristine)
Download: Misclick - Facing Problems (Ft. Kristine)

      Kredo - Just Another Lady
Download: Kredo - Just Another Lady


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9 years ago

Thanks for the tunes

9 years ago

Nice picks

Marcus Deitos
9 years ago


9 years ago

I love the new layout and great tracks!

9 years ago

more clark kent please!!

9 years ago


Ian C Wp
Ian C Wp
9 years ago

Loving the Skream remix 

Hayden Peter
Hayden Peter
9 years ago

that dvbbs remix by tyr in CHILL is fucking INSANE

Senator Palantine
Senator Palantine
9 years ago

great post, though i kinda think Charity Strike shoulda been in the filth category.


True Dub Head
True Dub Head
9 years ago

Bass Music? Check out artist such as Kryptic Minds, J:Kenzo, Distance, Cyrus, DJ Madd, Truth etc…. to even understand any BASS music you need sub bass. Laptop speakers, ipod headphones = NO.
Filth? Your filth would be considered New-Era Dubstep (Brostep) Skrillex, Vaski, M Machine, Datsik, Dayn, The Bolivian Marching Affair, J.Rabbit, Bare… just to name a few….You want real filth? I'll tell you where to go ; ) Maybe all you need is a Doctor? Gave a list to a few of you 'Chill' tunes… sounds more along the lines of relaxed electro…. OLDIES!!!!!! WHAT? Now heres some TRUE DUBSTEP finally. Caspa & Reso still be doing there thing FYI. 

Then again this is where Dubstep is going, hard to accept, but US TRUE HEADS are still out there. 

8 years ago
Reply to  True Dub Head

my laptop has beats audio, so I'd like to think I understand bass music at least a little bit.  And why are you complaining about the filth section?  This is a blog that posts "new" and "current" music, so it would only make sense that its filled with dubstep that is currently being produced/played.  Lastly, just because you listen to some of originators of dubstep, such as Caspa, how does put you in charge of who can be considered a TRUE DUB HEAD?  I'm not gonna lie, I came onto the dubstep scene a little later than others did, but that in no way takes away from how devoted a fan I am.  In fact, I could have listened to dubstep from the beginning of its reggae/dub roots, and consider the progressive dubstep to be far more entertaining.  Music constantly progresses and branches of each other and other influences, so by saying that you are a TRUE fan, you sound more like an asshole, because as music changes, fans come and go.  By being a fanboy and criticizing new followers, you fail to acknowledge that EDM music is becoming more widely accepted, so you should be proud to see your favorite genre rise, not be pissed of at the world.

8 years ago
Reply to  True Dub Head

thanks douche. we get it. you're SOOOOOO much cooler than everyone else bc u listen to old school stuff. seriously, ur just as bad as someone born in the 1920's who called electronic music and rock n' roll the devils music. music changes, for better or for worse, deal with it. if you don't like it, stfu and stop ranting and raving on peoples blogs while u sit at your computer rapidly masturbating to pictures of zed bias and EL-B. i never respond to shit like this but you sir are an idiot. keep up the good work earmilk on all the posts.

Tyler Jon Davis SB 805
Tyler Jon Davis SB 805
9 years ago

Thanks for deleting my post on nothing but TRUE knowledge. Keep directing your readers in wrong material. BIG UPS!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Finch
Austin Finch
9 years ago

skream was killer. digging more of the chillstep!