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Peter Bjorn and John - "May Seem Macabre" (Junica Remix) [Earmilk Exclusive]

Everyone's favorite indie-rock-whistlers Peter, Bjorn, and John have just released a remix of the track "May Seem Macabre," from their last album Gimme Some. The track comes to us by way of New Zealand, where a young kiwi by the name of Nik Brinkman has been writing for a project called Junica.

Nik is quick to point out that he draws a lot of inspiration from 80's and 90's music/culture, and that's easy to hear. The dreamy melodies and electro-beats have a nostalgic feel, but never at the expense of contemporary form. You can find the track below (exclusively on Earmilk), as well as links to Nik's Junica sound cloud account (which is definitely worth checking out).

      May Seem Macabre (Junica Remix)
Download: Peter Bjorn & John - May Seem Macabre (Junica Remix)

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Pres. Obama
Pres. Obama
9 years ago

Verryyy nice

9 years ago

Im listening to Junica for a couple of months... simply awesome music!

Yennhi Thieu
9 years ago

Simply beautiful!