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Insightful - Feather'd Son [Album]

In my daily quest for new music I routinely stumble upon unexpected gems. Such was the case when I came across San Diego producer Insightful's latest album, Feather'd Son. For fans of electronic beats and/or the hybrid genre of experimental electronic hip hop, Insightful's latest project may be just what you've been looking for in an instrumental LP. Featuring an eclectic mix of well-crafted instrumentals, Feather'd Son is the type of album you can put on, vibe out and listen to from start to finish. In addition to the two songs off the album posted below, check out some interesting visuals for "Space Tea."

      Insightful - Featherd Son - 13 She Bad
Download: Insightful - She Bad

      Insightful - Featherd Son - 07 Space Tea
Download: Insightful - Space Tea

      Insightful - Featherd Son - 16 Fill
Download: Insightful - Fill

Download: Insightful - Feather'd Son [Album]


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