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The Dictaphone - The Dictaphone [Album]

 You know my list of cool French things, yeah? Well I have an addition. This band. The Dictaphone. They aren't your average lo-fi-psychedelic-surf-punk-pop-rock (whatever) band that's propped up on its last limb by a Tumblr page full of Instagrams and reverb-soaked vocals. They're actually good. They may have just dropped The Dictaphone today, but I think they've earned a spot on my Summer 2012 playlist (The Dictaphone, April 2012, Tolmie Terrapin Press).

"Bugs" starts the record off with fuzzed-out guitar stabs, fuzzed filled vox, fuzzy drums. You get it. Fuzzy. Fuzz with a side of seasick chord modulations, megaphone ready lyrics, and Animal-ish drum beats. It's not really worth talking about "far far far far", 'cause it's more of the same "Bugs" dynamic, just held back a bit and slowed down (dope nonetheless).

Where we really get in the meat is "membrane," which builds from a simple drum beat with twanging guitar replies, and morphs into this chaotic flange-fest with layers of fuzz building on one another, held together by this driving beat and a wet snare.

I wish I could tell you more with the tracks to support it, but I want you to go out and buy the record (just like I had to) on Bandcamp. Trust me. It only gets better from "membrane."

Verdict: If you're a big Unknown Mortal Orchestra fan–but wish they went a smidge harder–here's your sound space. Get at 'em Quentin Tarantino.

      01 bugs
Download: the dictaphone - bugs

      09 far far far far
Download: the dictaphone - far far far far

      tolmie terrapin press - the dictaphone - 06 membrane
Download: the dictaphone - membrane

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