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Harlan - "Dancing on the Bed"

Harlan's music has been called " Prince meets Genesis meets Shuggie Otis". For those of us who speak english, however, most would probably call it "funky" "dancy" "fun" and "poppy". This isn't to say that it's at all simple, though. Harlan has some serious musical chops, and he isn't afraid to strut his stuff on his first EP Native Son EP (which is free on his website for a limited time). Harlan's energy is relentless. He played and produced every instrument on the EP (with the exception of the drums, which were also played by his co-procuder Alex Elena).  Currently on tour with a group of musicians dubbed "The Power", it's a sure bet that any opportunity to see Harlan live would be an absolute blast.

The video for "Dancing on the Bed" can be found below, as well as the track it self (available for download!). Also be sure to hit up Harlan's site to grab the Native Son EP while it's still available free of charge. 

      Harlan - Dancing On The Bed
Download: Harlan - Dancing On The Bed

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