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Carousel - "Where Have You Gone"

This extremely new indie electronic band emerges with a great awareness for the current musical trends. Carousel incorporate dreamy pop synths and chilled vocals backed with a danceable beat in the background. There isn't much information on these guys as far as I have researched.  I must say, there are very few new bands I am excited about, which says a lot for Carousel. Today, I bring you their latest release "Where Have You Gone."

The song kicks off with a really catchy synth loop with a subtle beat underneath. Shortly after, dreamy vocals butter you up until you think it'll go into overdrive, but it misleads a few times, dropping off into the smooth synth loop. Finally, it does what you have been wanting it to do, the energy picks up, you start bobbing your head with the groove and that's when I knew I would like this band. Eyes on them.

      Where Have You Gone
Download: Carousel - Where Have You Gone


Indie · Synth Pop


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