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London Bridges - "Let It Die" (Feist Remix)

Headache music and make out music are sonically like this close. This being London Bridges. Talk about relaxation: soft, pitch shifted vox, a sea sick post-garage beat, and marimbas, effing MARIMBAS. I'm on like my 20th listen and feeling pretty next-level (even after a stressful math lecture). You owe it to yourself to download this track. Especially if you're on the mend from a productive TT last night. Enjoy.

P.S. You know how maddening it is trying to find Facebook band pages, Soundclouds, and the like? I couldn't find jack for these guys (or gals, or guy, or gal) other than their Bandcamp.

      Let It Die (Feist Remix)
Download: London Bridges - Let It Die (Feist Remix)

Highlights from LoveSongs (March 2012)

      02 Hold Me Close
Download: London Bridges- Hold Me Close

      03 My Heart
Download: London Bridges - My Heart

Dubstep · Lo-Fi


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