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Big Baby Gandhi - "Lurkin" (Feat. Fat Tony)

Earlier this month, Queens-based rapper Big Baby Gandhi released one of my favourite hip hop tracks in a while, "Blue Magic" featuring trio Das Racist. He's back with a new track off his upcoming mixtape NO1 2 LOOK UP 2, which is dropping March 30th on Greedhead Music. Das Racist have a knack for picking interesting collaborators and fostering talent through their Greedhead label, as attested by Big Baby Gandhi. "Lurkin" featuring Fat Tony is produced by collaborator Hot Sugar, who also produces a total of 4 tracks on the 18 track mixtape, and mixes street sounds with subtle electronics blips on top of a repeated bass line. Listen to both cuts below and download them for free. 

Big Baby Gandhi f. Fat Tony, "Lurkin'" by The FADER

Big Baby Gandhi f. Das Racist, "Blue Magic" by The FADER



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