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Dabin - Electropolitics EP

Welcome to Electropolitics, a futuristic forbidden city ruled by Samurai Cyborgs. A city home to Dabin, the feared son of the Samurai King. Trained in the ancient arts of sonic combat, Dabin was raised to defend the gates of Electropolitics from the Infected Ones. While the Kannibalen disease spread throughout the countryside, the city stood safe under Dabin's watchful eye - but for how long?

The Electropolitics EP is the first chapter in Dabin's story. The Toronto-based producer's album starts off with "Electropolitics," an electro house anthem that alternates between uplifting synth melodies and face-melting bass drops. The next two tracks are instant classics for bass music lovers: "Wildfire" takes listeners on a punishing ride through layers of haunting chopped up vocals and aggressive staccato basslines, and "Welcome to the Future" showcases Dabin's intricate drum programming.

The EP also features three remixes of the title track by fellow Kannibalen Records producers Black Tiger Sex MachineApashe and Dooze Jackers. Dooze Jackers go the moombahton route, giving "Electropolitics" their trademark upbeat, tropical vibe. Apashe speeds up the tempo into dubstep territory and twists the song's melody with an ominous growling bass. Finally, Black Tiger Sex Machine transform the track into an underground electro rave banger.


















You can buy the full EP on Beatport.

Follow Dabin on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

You can also check out the Kannibalen Records official website.

Dubstep · Electro · Moombahton


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