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Half and Half Presents: Lil Ugly Mane

This is my best find (thanks, Matt) for Half and Half so far (best as indicated by low level YouTube play count, minimal blog saturation, and is of meritorious quality). The Richmond, VA based Lil Ugly Mane's latest mixtape (free, by way of Bandcamp) varies from East Coast rap nostalgia (mixtape highlight, 'Bitch I'm Lugubrious') to the early 90's Memphis rap track 'Hoeish Ass Bitch'. His album art (which according to The Fader, is self-designed) falls in line with his rap moniker. It also draws heavily on Pen & Pixel's genre defining late 90's album art - think No Limit records, and Cash Money covers. If a reference point is important to you as to where he stands genre wise, he has been featured chopped and screwed on a Spaceghostpurrp mixtape, and has opened for Salem. I'll let you connect the dots.

Check out Lil Ugly Mane's 'Mista Thug Isolation' on Bandcamp below




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Arsene Missoup
9 years ago

its about time!.......Ugly Mane is a beast. this album is too sick to go unnoticed