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Wool & Vortex - Erotic Dancer [Exclusive]

If there's anything to say about German music producer DJ Wool it's that he's everywhere at once. Roaming the streets of Brooklyn, New York, and Berlin Glen Brady has exposed himself to different artists that want different things. And as his address continues to change, so does the genres he likes to call home. With remixes for Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, and manning the desk for Tittsworth's LP debute the engineer has built a resume on versatility. His latest work forthcoming on UK label Sounds of Sumo features a collaboration with San Antonio's flamboyant ghettotech rapper Cerebral Vortex. Rousing verses make for a good hire as the lyricist effortlessly blends in with Wool's more contemporary approach to what a nightclub atmosphere should sound like. A crossbreed of relaxed house with deep disco basslines hosed in the bleeps and blops of techno experimentation. If Kid Cudi fashioned his hooks to make a smart (emphasize "smart") dance record and put Simian Mobile Disco on board, they would flesh out something along the lines of this.

Not to write off the release as some attempt to ride the radio waves, the remix package heads in the opposite direction. Fronted by bass from West London, WAFA turns the lights off to play out an abusive bassline more suited towards the rooms of techno. But the EP doesn't hit rock bottom until Piri Piri cues up a chopped garage ritual and Sonora gives UK funky a bold Texan rub. Fellow rising act B-Ju lathers on a laidback effort applying lush chords smothered with a low pass filter that has nothing left to do but gloom overneath a hasty drum beat. Not the only mix to see brisk percussion, Italian duo Cool Kids Can't Die pitched in their own spin of the A-side with a hustling drum line that refuses to give up it's pace. Yours to take before the EP hits the shelves March 27th.

      Erotic Dancer (Cool Kids Cant Die Remix)
Download: Wool & Vortex - Erotic Dancer (Cool Kids Can't Die Remix)

(SOS018) Sound of Sumo: Wool & Vortex - Erotic Dancer EP (out March 27th)

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Saad Chughtai
Saad Chughtai
9 years ago

LOVING this!