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Geographer - Myths

Indie-rockers Geographer have finally satiated the masses with Modern Art Record’s release of their latest album, entitled MythMyth will remind fans of why they grew to love Geographer in the first place - driving rhythms, paired with lead singer Mike Deni’s haunting vocals, served up in a rich variety of sounds and instruments.

This isn’t to say that Geographer have simply “returned to the well.” After turning all of our heads last year with “Kites,” their maturation and growth as songwriters and musicians is palpable in Myth. If anything, this record feels more competent and confident than their previous release, Animal Shapes.

Geographer came together in 2005 in the Bay Area after the aforementioned Mike Deni fled his native New Jersey following the deaths of his father and sister. Contemplating Geographer's sound in light of Deni's journey unveils the albums’ greater themes of journey and process. The music is always moving forward. wrought with nostalgia and contemporary elements, all held together by a greater melody - a greater story.

For those who haven’t listened to Geographer, you won’t regret adding them to your library this spring. Myth is a record primed and ready to serve as the soundtrack to all of the journeys and new beginings that seem to coincide with the spring.

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You can catch Geographer, as well as Modern Art’s Miniature Tigers, Geographer, The Chain Gang Of 1974, SPEAK, and Pretty & Nice on the Modern Art Tour until April 5th.

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